Building Materials

General Overview of Building Materials Used In Construction

For thousands of years, man has used construction to house their families. The way in which buildings were built a hundred years ago is very different than today; and its improving daily. The materials used haven’t changed as much either and while mud and straw aren’t used today wood and stone very much are. The following is a quick overview of the various materials used to construct buildings.

Different Types of Flooring Materials

Within a building, there can be a variety of materials used to construct the floor. Some contractors will use natural stone and others cement. Wood can also be used to construct flooring throughout homes depending on the builders. Bricks aren’t usually utilized for flooring; however, concrete can be used in many areas of a home such as the garage. Garages often have concrete floors and it’s this flooring that proves to be extremely popular as it’s durable and very strong. Another material used within homes, has to be the paint and finishing that often goes into the flooring option. There are some paints such as epoxy that ensure the concrete lasts longer.

What Materials Are Used To Construct Building Walls?

Cement is an extremely popular option when it comes to constructing buildings and this is vastly used to help construct walls. However, it isn’t just residential buildings in which cement is used, commercial buildings also use this. Concrete and bricks are widely used too and all three materials are strong, durable and help to create strong walls. Bricks are usually seen in residential homes, particularly in smaller bungalows; whereas cement and concrete can be great for almost all types of buildings. Construction can vary depending on the building contractors and their preferred methods.

Windows and Door Frames

Hardwood such as oak and mahogany are vastly used to construct the basic frame of a window. Once the frames are installed into a home, they are bonded so that they become far more durable and strong and are often insulated to prevent draughts and rain seeping in. door frames are often constructed with wood also and is attached to the building via brackets. However, just like flooring, door and window finishes can vary as some opt for iron grills to sit across them.

What Materials Are Used With Roofing?

Building MaterialsResidential homes and buildings often have a timber frame that sits on top of the house’s structure. When the frame has been constructed and applied to the home, the felt is added to the wood and then the slates are applied. However, most roofs are sloped so that rain water and snow can run down onto the guttering. Commercial roofs are made slightly different. Some commercial roofs can be made from a variety of materials such as cement and concrete depending on what construction is needed.more information from

Constructing a Building Can Take a Vast Majority of Everyday Materials

While some buildings may differ in terms of what materials are used to lay flooring or create walls, they remain extremely similar to one another. Every building starts off with a structure or frame and then the walls are filled in around them, so too is the flooring and roof. Interior construction works very much the same as the exterior, so many materials are used. Construction is vastly important and must be dealt with in the proper manner with the best materials and tools.

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