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              The Company consistently sticks to the principle of Connecting the People, focuses on exploration, cultivation and reservation of talents and periodically organizes the employees for professional trainings about enterprise culture, advanced management and production technology as well as entertainment. Through plenty of enterprise culture activities, our employees can feel the interest of learning during working and make progress continuously.

              Our tenet is: provide a stage for you to be the brightest star! Enabling each colleague to gain the maximum harvest on his/her job! Achieving the life value! Also creating a high-performance team with high unity and loyalty and providing an effective guarantee for the dynamics of the enterprises sustainable development.

              Operating policy:
              High quality establishment, high-quality products, quality-based, sustainable development
              Quality policy:
              Quality-uttermost, pursuit of development with quality as the priority.
              Service commitment:
              Sincere service, each penny thing of customers is that Yutai cares most.
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