Easy Tips to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Does it feel like you have to empty your wallet or your purse each time that you simply want to fill up your gas tank? While there isn’t much that you can do about the rising gas prices, there are some easy to adopt ways which you can reduce your gas usage. Below are some great ways to get you started.


Keep Your Car in Good Health

How fuel efficient your car largely depends on how healthy it is. You see, inside your car’s engine is a range of metal parts which slide up and grind against each other as your engine operates. This all happens to keep you going. Without sufficient lubrication, each of these parts creates friction which works against your engine, meaning it needs to work harder.


To alleviate this friction, give your car’s fluid levels a check, paying particular attention to your general engine oil. If you can see that any of your levels are low or that any of your fluids have seen better days, head to the Groupon Coupons page for Advance Auto Parts to pick up high-quality replacements and watch your gas usage drop!

Check Your Tire Pressure

While it might seem strange, how well your tires are inflated has a tremendous impact on your fuel economy. As you drive, friction builds up between the parts of your tire which come into contact with the road.  Apart from flying, there isn’t anything you do to avoid this friction.

However, you can minimize it. Keeping your tires at the same and correct pressure is a great way to reduce the level of friction which occurs between your tire and the road, making it easier for your engine to keep you moving. As you read from the tip above, the less your engine needs to work just to do its job, the less gas it needs.


Switch off Your Engine

One of the quickest ways to waste gas is to sit in traffic with your car running. Whether it’s three minutes at a construction site waiting for a detour, five minutes waiting for your food at the drive-thru, or even ten minutes while you wait for an accident to clear.

If you anticipate that you will be waiting for longer than two minutes, switch off your engine. While many people will try to tell you that your engine needs fuel to start up again, it needs significantly less fuel than you would burn through by sitting and waiting.


Change Your Route

If you find yourself getting stuck in small amounts of traffic for less than two minutes, then look at ways which you can adjust your route or the day and time which you run your errands. For example, if you find that you are always getting stuck in traffic on your way to drop off your dry cleaning, consider moving the task to another day when you will be closer to the store and will face less traffic.

Reducing your gas usage doesn’t require a mechanic’s degree, just the right tips and tricks like the helpful ones in this article.

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